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10/01/2013 JPF Workshop 2013 Accepted Papers. Please note JPF Workshop 2013 website is down due to the shutdown, please visit ASE 2013 for registration, date and venue information.
06/20/2013 JPF Workshop 2013 will be co-located with ASE 2013 Please submit papers
05/27/2013 JPF student proposals accepted for GSoC 2013 announced - Congratulations to the students
04/08/2013 The show is on - JPF got accepted for GSoC 2013. Please visit the GSoC project ideas page or let us know about your own project suggestions
06/07/2012 JPF Workshop 2012 is co-located with FSE 2012, November 11 and 12. We solicit submissions for the JPF Workshop 2012.
04/23/2012 JPF student proposals accepted for GSoC 2012 announced - Congratulations to the students
03/26/2012 GSoC Student Applications period is open until April 6. Please submit your proposal at JPF GSoC page
03/16/2012 JPF has been accepted as mentoring org. for GSoC 2012. Visit our ideas page
10/14/2011 A hands-on JPF tutorial will be held on Nov 7th at Lawrence, Kansas co-located with ASE 2011
05/26/2011 JPF Workshop is co-located with ASE 2011, Lawrence, Kansas - Submit papers on your work
03/25/2011 JPF student proposals accepted for GSoC 2011 announced - Congratulations to the students
03/18/2011 JPF has been accepted as mentoring org. for GSoC 2011. Visit our ideas page
11/30/2010JPF version 6 released - update your jpf-core
09/20/2010ASE 2010 Tutorial on Automated Component-Based Verification Slides
08/02/2010summer project presentations set for 08/13/2010 - see summer summit event page
04/29/2010Selected summer projects announced
02/14/2010ISSTA 2010 Tutorial on Automated Testing with Java PathFinder announced
02/12/2010Call for Google Summer of Code 2010 project proposals out - visit our SoC page
01/30/2010JPF Google group replaces old mailing lists
01/12/2010Fujitsu press announcement released about using and extending Symbolic PathFinder (projects/jpf-symbc) for comprehensive testing of Java web applications
09/02/2009JPF server on goes live, featuring the JPFWiki and separate Mercurial repositories for JPF core and extension projects
07/22/2009JPF wins the 2009 "Outstanding Technology Development Award" of the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC), Far West Division

Welcome to the JPF Wiki

This is the main page for Java™ Pathfinder, or "JPF" as we call it from here. JPF is a highly customizable execution environment for verification of Java™ bytecode programs. The system was developed at the NASA Ames Research Center, open sourced in 2005, and is freely available from this server under the NOSA 1.3 license.

The JPFWiki is our primary source of documentation. It is divided into the following sections (which you will always see in the TOC menu to the right):

Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries

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