How to get a JPF contributor account

You only need an account if you want to edit the wiki or need write access to the repositories. If you do, here are the steps:

  1. send an email to Peter.C.Mehlitz at, stating your intent (what you want to do, your affiliation etc.)
  2. wait for an answer that contains an email address you need for your online registration
  3. start the online registration at, entering the email address you received in step 2.
  4. if your request is not processed within one or two days, go back to 1. and let us know

Once your account has been created, click the "login" link at the top right of the wiki pages, and/or use https:// (instead of http://) to push your repositories.

You cannot yet create new repositories, but we are working on such an interface. For now, send an email to 1. to request a new repo.

Please see the attached PDF for more details and screenshots.

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