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Trac system is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management.

It provides an interface to Subversion (or other version control systems), an integrated Wiki and convenient reporting facilities.

If you are new to Wiki please read our "cheat sheet" below or download it (see attachment) and if you still have questions you could find useful links and references at the end.

Have fun and Good luck!

JPF – Trac –FAQ

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about JPF and Trac. If you have a question not answered on this page, you can ask it on the JPF-MailingList. See the TracFAQ page for more questions about Trac.

How to create or add a new page to Wiki? If you have appropriate privileges you can add a new page or modify existing page of the JPF-Trac-Wiki. Are you able to see “Edit this page” and “Attach file” buttons at the bottom of the every page after you login? If yes then congratulation you have a special power. Good "wiki" style suggests however that you start by editing some existing page, then insert a “WikiPageName” and save the page. The WikiPageName link will be displayed as a missing link with a question mark at the end of the name (i.e. LikeThat?), and by following this link, you end up on the page creation interface. By following this practice, you tend to avoid orphaned pages.


Did you notice that the WikiPageName is a CamelCase name? Wiki uses CamelCase convention for its page manes.

CamelCase page names must follow these rules:

  1. The name must consist of alphabetic characters only. No digits, spaces, punctuation, or underscores are allowed.
  2. A name must have at least two capital letters.
  3. The first character must be capitalized.
  4. Every capital letter must be followed by one or more lower-case letters.
  5. The use of slash ( / ) is permitted in page names (possibly representing a hierarchy).

To find more about Wiki page name go to: WikiPageName.

How do I do text formatting in wiki?

Trac has a built in small and powerful wiki rendering engine.

Font styles:
The Trac wiki supports the following font styles:

  • Bold -- '''bold'''
  • Italic -- ''italic''
  • Bold Italic -- '''''bold italic'''''
  • Strike-through -- ~~strike-through~~
  • Superscript -- ^superscript^
  • Subscript -- ,,subscript,,


= Heading = (H1)

== Subheading == (H2)

=== under subheading === (H3)

How do I insert an image?

To insert image use the [[Image]] macro. The simplest way to include an image is to upload it as attachment to the current page, and put the filename in a macro call like [[Image(picture.gif)]] (the image is centered by default). In addition to the current page, it is possible to refer to another wiki pages or other resources.

  [[Image(photo.jpg)]]                          # simple
  [[Image(photo.jpg,120px)]]                    # as specified size
  [[Image(photo.jpg,right)]]                    # place image in right 
  [[Image(photo.jpg,1024px, left)]]             # specified bigger than 
                                                # original image size and 
                                                # place of the image

Or from other place:
  [[Image(OtherPage/foo.bmp)]]                  # from OtherPage
  [[Image(wiki/OtherPage/foo.bmp)]]             # same above
  [[Image(ticket/36/boo.jpg)]]                  # from ticket:36
  [[Image(file/images/bee.jpg)]]                # from repository

See WikiMacros for further documentation on the macro.

How do I insert caption under an image?

To insert caption under the image you need to call for caption class <div class="caption"> .

For example, to display an image and caption under it

<div class="caption"> 
  <p>Figure: your caption here<p>

How to created numbering/bullets list?

The wiki supports both ordered/numbered and unordered lists.


 * Item 1
   * Item 1.1
      * Item 1.1.1   
      * Item 1.1.2
      * Item 1.1.3
   * Item 1.2
 * Item 2


 1. Item 1
   a. Item 1.a
   a. Item 1.b
      i. Item 1.b.i
      i. Item 1.b.ii
 2. Item 2

How to insert comments?

If you have a block of the code that you don’t want to display on the web you could mark the block as a comment and the text in the section will not be processed or displayed.

Your comments going in here….

How do I insert code, comment, text etc?

Trac supports alternative markup formats using WikiProcessors.

For example, processors are used to write pages in reStructuredText or HTML.

The following processors are included in the Trac distribution:

  • html -- Insert custom HTML in a wiki page. See WikiHtml.
  • div -- Wrap an arbitrary Wiki content in a <div> element. See WikiHtml.
  • span -- Wrap an arbitrary Wiki content in a <span> element. See also WikiHtml.
  • rst -- Trac support for Restructured Text. See WikiRestructuredText.
  • textile -- Supported if Textile is installed. See a Textile reference.
  • comment -- Do not process the text in this section (i.e. contents exist only in the plain text - not in the rendered page).

Code Highlighting Support

Trac includes processors to provide inline syntax highlighting for the following languages:

  • c -- C
  • cpp -- C++
  • python -- Python
  • perl -- Perl
  • ruby -- Ruby
  • php -- PHP
  • asp -- ASP
  • java -- Java
  • js -- Javascript
  • sql -- SQL
  • xml -- XML
  • sh -- Bourne/Bash shell

By using the MIME type as processor, it is possible to syntax-highlight the same languages that are supported when browsing source code.

For example, you can write java code:

package examples;
public class Racer implements Runnable {
     int d = 42; 

produce output like:

package examples;
public class Racer implements Runnable {
     int d = 42; 

Or just a block of output:

> java Racer

will be displayed like

> java Racer

Same block of the output could be displayed like this:

> bin/jpf Racer
JavaPathfinder ……

How do I insert LaTeX?

To insert LaTeX text use the special macro that converts your text into the image.

For Example, block like this

$\frac{\alpha^{\beta^2}}{\delta + \alpha}$

generates result

$\frac{\alpha^{\beta^2}}{\delta + \alpha}$

How do I create Note box?

To create a Note box use <div class="notes"> that allows you to create a notes-colored box. Use <h1> tag under the class allows you to make your colored heading.

For Example, code below

<div class="notes"> 
  <p>JPF using TracWiki<p>

generates result like


JPF using TracWiki

How do I create News box?

To create a News box involve <div class="news"> which allows you to create a news-colored box. Use <h1> tag to make your colored heading.

For Example, block below

<div class="news"> 
  <p>JPF using TracWiki<p>

produce result like


JPF using TracWiki

How do I create Hints box?

For Example, block like this

<div class="hints"> 
  <p>JPF using TracWiki<p>

generates view like


JPF using TracWiki

How do I see all pages that link to the current page?

You could find 3d party macro (follow the link that could do this for you but it’s not guarantee it’s installed on your server.

Helpful links and references:

To find more about Wiki go to: - for further documentation on the text formatting. - for further documentation on the code. - for further documentation on the macro.

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