Summer Project Summit 2010

This years summer summit is going to take place on Friday, August 13th at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. (the date explains why we couldn't meet at NASA - " comes after 12, Hon..").

The main purpose of the summit is to let students and mentors of our summer projects present the great work they have done during the past two months. Time permitting, we will also talk about the general state of affairs, and discuss future directions & collaborations. It's all informal, ad hoc and lively. Open source, in other words.

The meeting is open, free (as in beer) and you don't need to register upfront. All JPF enthusiasts are welcome. However, we have to be escorted and therefore the plan is to meet at 8:45am in the main lobby of Bldg. 43. If you come late, you have to take your chances with the receptionist in the lobby, who will contact us. Try to avoid.

Come in and have fun.


This is a temporary agenda and might change as we get closer to the summit day.

time subject presenter
9:00 AM Opening Remarks Peter Mehlitz
9:15 AM Relaxed Memory Model in JPF KyungHee Kim
10:00 AM Fast Native Collections Neha Rungta (student: Elena Sherman)
10:15 PM Coffee-Break
10:30 AM Verifying X10 Applications Milos Gligoric
11:00 AM JPF Inspector Pavel Parizek (student: Pavel Jancik)
11:30 AM LTL Verification Human Machine Interactions Dimitra Giannakopoulou (students: Ewgenij Starostin, Dinh-Phuc Nguyen, Sebastien Combefis)
12:00 AM Lunch
1:00 PM Trace Server Cyrille Artho (student: Igor Andjelkovic)
1:30 PM Parallel SPF Matt Staats
2:00 PM Annotation Properties Peter Mehlitz (student: Filip Rogaczewski)
2:30 PM JPF-Eclipse Matt Kirn
3:00 PM Coffee-Break
3:15 AM Load Testing Corina Pasareanu (student: Pingyu Zhang)
3:30 PM JPF actor extension Steve Lauterburg
4:00 PM JPF Visualization Sandro Badame
4:30 PM JPF Discussion


Googleplex in Mountain View


If you have specific questions, please contact Peter Mehlitz <pcmehlitz "at">

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