Installing the NetBeans JPF plugin

  1. Download and install jpf-core, e.g. from the Mercurial repository
  2. [Optional] Download and install jpf-shell if you want to use the JPF Swing UI
  3. -------------- take a break ---------------
  4. Download the gov-nasa-jpf-netbeans-runjpf.nbm file attached to this page.
  5. From within Netbeans go to Tools->Plugins (Alt+T followed by Alt+g)
  6. Select the 'Downloaded' tab
  7. Click on the 'Add Plugins...' button (Alt+A)
  8. Select the gov-nasa-jpf-netbeans-runjpf.nbm file that was downloaded in step 1
  9. Select install
  10. Agree to the License agreement
  11. Restart Netbeans
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