This is the basis for all JPF projects, i.e. you always need to install it. jpf-core contains the basic VM and model checking infrastructure, and can be used to check for concurrency defects like deadlocks, and unhandled exceptions like NullPointerExceptions and AssertionErrors.


The Mercurial repository is on


jpf-core supports two rather generic properties, which are configured by default:

  • gov.nasa.jpf.jvm.NoUncaughtExceptionsProperty
  • gov.nasa.jpf.jvm.NotDeadlockedProperty

There is no need to parameterise any of them. NoUncaughtExceptionsProperty covers all Throwables that are not handled within the application, i.e. would terminate the process.

A number of the listeners (like PreciseRaceDetector) are ListenerAdapter instances, i.e. work as more specific Property implementations.


jpf-core includes a variety of listeners that fall into three major categories:

  • program properties
  • execution monitoring
  • execution control

The main listeners are

A complete list of listeners available can be found here.


jpf-core uses many JPF properties, you can find most of them in the file. The following ones are of interest for users

  • listener - a comma separated list of class names with listeners that should be automatically instantiated and registered during JPF startup
  • listener.autoload - a comma separated list of annotation types. If JPF encounters such an annotation in one of the analyzed classes at runtime, it automatically loads and registered the associated listener
  • listener.<annotation-type> - class name of the listener associated with <annotation-type>
  • vm.insn_factory.class - class name of a BytecodeInstructionFactory, e.g. to switch to symbolic execution mode or to use specific bytecode implementations for checking numeric properties
  • vm.halt_on_throw (true|false) - tells JPF if it should try to find a handler if it encounters an exception in the analyzed program (useful to avoid masking exceptions within handlers)
  • cg.randomize_choices (random|path|def) - tells JPF if it should randomize the order of choices for each ChoiceGenerator, to avoid degenerated searches (e.g. always starting with the main thread in scheduling choices).
  • report.console.property_violation - comma separated list of topics that should be printed by JPF if it detects an error. Possible values include
    • error error decsription
    • snapshot thread stacks
    • trace instruction/statement trace (can be long and memory-expensive)
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