Checking Java Annotations


Imagine the world where computers are handling all critical situations. Reliable systems using artificial intelligence prevent ships from drafting on shallows and planes from crashes. However, it is required that those systems are tested by powerful verification tools. In order to maximize application reliability, production versions should not differ from tested versions. Achieving that is possible using annotations which are detected at runtime. The aim of Checking Java Annotation project is to develop a set of annotations that can be applied to Java programs to assist tools that detect software defects.


student: Filip Rogaczewski <frogaczewski "at"> (FR)
mentor: Suzette Person <suzette.person "at"> (SP)
co-mentor: Mateusz Ujma <mateusz.ujma "at"> (MU)

Program & Timeline

This project is funded by the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. It follows the GSoC timeline (start 05/24, finish 08/16) Schedule for the project.


The sources for this project are available from a Mercurial repository on


Confined checker will be used to check whether references to certain type, field or method are used inside of specified scope.

Descriptions of the annotations are on the following wiki-pages:

Basic ConfinedChecker was developed during the application period.

Examples showing the future use of the annotations are in the following eclipse project.


Summary of assumptions we will follow as we implement the new annotations are found on the following wiki page.


Questions about the project functionality are on the following wiki page.

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