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The jpf-shell project is an extensible, Swing-based application framework to create application domain and property specific JPF user interfaces that run outside of standard IDEs such as Eclipse or NetBeans. The jpf-shell project differs from the JET summer project by being focused on JPF runtime aspects (as opposed to supporting JPF development tasks), and provides the basis for the JPF Inspector summer project.

This summer project will extend jpf-shell with the goals of

  1. improving representation and function of the existing user interface
  2. adding functionality for standard JPF execution inspection and control
  3. broadening the communication protocol between IDE plugin and jpf-shell


student: Sandro Badame <s.badame "at"> (SB)
mentor: Peter Mehlitz <pcmehlitz "at"> <PM>

Program & Timeline

This project is funded by a NASA Ames Internship.


The sources for this project are available from a Mercurial repository on


The specifics of this project mostly focus around creating a more robust jpf-shell. This means resolving the current issues and adding some key features to the shell.

The shell has the current outstanding issues (They are all being tracked on the issue tracker):

  • The first run with jpf-shell can be "garbled".
  • jpf-awt-shell replay button is broken
  • line-height needs to be configurable

In order to make jpf-shell more useful the following features need to be implemented (And will most probably be done so in this order): * Line heights in the reporting should be configurable

  • jpf-shell should be able to receive source code locations through its IDE->Shell interface.
  • A configuration view that displays the current "living" Config object for JPF and where each property was loaded
  • The Search Panel needs more work (and needs to actually work)
  • A Pane for configuring/adding listeners to JPF run at runtime

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