Security policy verification via information flow analysis


Many security properties of programs describe requirements on actions with data (e.g., "No SQL injection"). Simple inspection of method calls without taking into account the data involved results in an over-approximation and can produce a false verification results. To improve the precision of the verification of security requirements, we propose to track data flow inside the program implementation. This tracking is achieved through taint analysis. In taint analysis, security-relevant data (chosen by the user) is assigned a label called taint that travels through the program execution along with the data. The taint analysis with the security property makes the verification precise. To implement this new analysis, we propose an addition to JPF that allows users to check programs against security specifications that mandate proper sequencing on actions and data in order to conform with security standards.


student: Anton Philippov <anton.e.philippov AT>

mentor: Eric Mercer <recremcire AT>

co-mentor: Peter Mehlitz <pcmehlitz AT>, Oksana Tkachuk


jpf-security and osgi-examples are hosted on


Project documentation/wiki/blog are available at the jpf-security repository. Please see osgi-examples for example input.

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